Covid – FREE* Policy

Covid – FREE* Policy

Covid – FREE* policy

All of us at The Secret Boutique Hotel, apply the required measures based to the official health protocol for hotels by the Ministry of Health in order to provide a safe hotel environment to our guests:

  1. All staff health policies/protocols training
  2. Documented information in all rooms & areas
  3. All service & housekeeping staff wearing face masks & gloves during operations
  4.  Antiseptic, face masks & gloves stations in all indoor areas
  5. Install plexiglass stand at the front desk
  6. Express check in / check out policy
  7. Handling guest’s requests & concierge services by Messenger (on request)
  8. Key cards decontamination before & after use
  9. 10:30 new check out time / 15:00 new check in time
  10. Deep room cleaning – decontamination on check out
  11. Use of approved & proper cleaners from housekeeping
  12. Using strictly different & separate cleaning materials and cloths in each room
  13. All cleaning materials are being cleaned & decontaminated after operations daily
  14. A/C filter cleaning on a regular basis
  15. Skip daily cleaning. Change of used towels every 2 days. Change of linen and general cleaning every 3days (extra day cleaning – refreshing  available on request)
  16. Use of steam cleaner to all fabric & linen in all rooms on check out
  17. Proper distance between tables
  18. Fix menus breakfast instead of buffet
  19. Room service / Breakfast in room (on request)
  20. Remove coffee – tea stations from all rooms & suites

The above measures can change according to new updates by authorities

*The term refers to the precaution measures in order to eliminate spread of covid-19v

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